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Now I like technology. The female Australian voice (Karen) in my GPS. Cool.  Bing maps and street views. Cool. The button I press on my remote for my Cadillac SRX that resets the seat, air temp, radio station and mirrors from where my daughter left them. Cool.  But an iPhone?

I was sitting on an Air Canada flight this week (as usual) and the person next to me is squinting at his iPhone watching a movie. (There are likely 2 dozen free in-flight movies showing on the seat back in front of him at many times the form factor). Some of us travel many miles to an IMAX theatre. Why?  The size, the clarity, the impact of the sound system that relates to the movie watching experience, and we pay extra money to get it. Yet, some people are happy to squint at a tiny screen for 120 minutes to get what as an experience? All four pixels of the cinematography you can see? Those action shots as the 30 FPS display rate drops annoyingly below 15 FPS as the Twitter-minder gears up to tell you, you haven’t tweated in the last two hours? The pleasure of moving it from hand to hand as your eyes try to refocus on this unsteady object? It is almost like an anti-establishment thing. You are so engaged in trying to be Justin Long (above with the big J, the 32 year old Mac guy in the commercial) that you lose all common sense and sit waving your arms watching a movie freeze-frame flicker for 2 hours.  Hmmm..

On my phone…

  • I make and take phone calls
  • I connect via Bluetooth to my hands-free
  • I check my corporate and personal email,texts, calendar and voice-mail
  • I occasionally send an email or a text from the phone
  • I use it as a backup alarm clock when I am staying at a cheap hotel
  • and once every year I will capture a funny image, because my real Nikon camera is not immediately at hand.

funny sign

I own a small tablet pc, full size laptop and a desktop PC.(all Windows 7 by the way) Both portables have 3G access and Wireless Ethernet. Why is it I would want an iPhone?

It eludes me.  

okay iPhone-toting Blog-followers… educate me.

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1 Response to I AM SO … NOT A MAC

  1. Carsten Knoch says:

    You\’re like a guy on a soap box, saying, "Tell me why you won\’t let Jesus into your life. Tell me so I can tell you why you should."Me and my iPhone, we\’ll be over there recording video footage and posting it on YouTube 🙂

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