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Why you can’t find it in Google–What’s Next and Why their share price will drop

Search engines like Google are fundamentally based on the presence or absence of specific words or phrases in a given object. The object (html, picture, video) is uploaded to an internet site, the search engines grabs the available data and … Continue reading

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Nailing the Presentation–10 simple rules

A recent New York Time survey result ranked the greatest fears as: Public Speaking Heights Spiders/Snakes Death Public Speaking was the number 1 fear by a large margin over the others. You can be an extrovert and still shiver at … Continue reading

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When technology goes obsolete

My friend Steve Dotto (of Dotto on Data TV fame) often says “It’s not what technology will do for you but what technology will do to you that you have to watch”. Last year I was in Seattle for a … Continue reading

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Dangers of Living in the Past

When the New Year begins, it starts with 18th century traditions like Auld Lang Syne, reflections of the year past, it’s challenges, accomplishments and it’s triumphs and then day 1 of the year begins with traditions not to be remembered … Continue reading

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