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Finding that last bit of extra energy to get the job done

I am sure that most of us remember University all-nighters before the major exams, pushing ourselves well beyond normally available energy limits to make sure that we did our best. We tapped into an invisible pool of reserve energy and … Continue reading

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What’s your GQ?

No I am not referring to a subscription to Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Like an IQ or the softer EQ, the GQ is the Governance Quotient. Specifically how much complexity is an organization capable of governing before it falls over and becomes … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about the CLOUD in one short blog post…

Everyone is talking about the CLOUD but it is really not a cloud but CLOUDS. If you want to take an application from your datacenter and have someone else run it you need an IaaS Cloud. Infrastructure as a Service, … Continue reading

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Learning from Other’s Mistakes– The Power of the Anti-Pattern

Definition An Anti-Pattern describes a commonly occurring solution to a problem that generates decidedly negative consequences. You would think that an IT book written in 1998 would be grossly out of date by now. The book Anti-Patterns: Refactoring Software, Architectures, … Continue reading

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People with ODSS–What’s the cure?

ODSS. Despite significant diagnosis and study, it appears that no one has yet determined what causes the on-set of ODSS. It has been postulated that  it is a genetic pre-disposition to ODSS, however there is no scientific evidence to support … Continue reading

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