Infinite Shades of Grey contains tips, techniques and thoughts about Information Technology consulting and consulting excellence.


The author is Ian Hunter an accomplished IT consultant with 30+ years of  global experience working both as an independant consultant and consultant for some of the world’s largest systems integrators. He is currently engaged as a Senior Solutions Architect for Microsoft.

Why Infinite Shades of Grey?

Proposes a paradigm for consulting based on the understanding that the client’s problem, the process used and the potential solution should never be defined in black nor white but in infinite shades of grey. Grey removes the safety of absolutes, challenges you to be better at your chosen craft and enables you  to make much better solutions for your clients.

Creating solutions that are not ordinary but extraordinary.

Having clients that are not just satisfied, but thrilled to work with you again and again.

Ultimately, Infinite Shades of Grey is about creating great successes for your clients which in turn will mean great success for you as you strive for consulting excellence.

His book Infinite Shades of Grey – Advanced Consulting is available on Amazon.com




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