So was I right?

I wrote an article in 2011 talking about why cloud technology would run rampant over what the dominant models were at that time, only 7 years ago. If you had bought $1000 worth shares of both Oracle and Microsoft at that time and sold them today. You would have made $2,400 profit on Microsoft and $880 on Oracle or about 2.7 times Microsoft over Oracle on profit. It’s only because of the cloud and Microsoft’s foresight, research, development and services in Cloud.


While core cloud services like IaaS Virtual Machine are now commonplace and there are now very few IT groups who have not adopted this approach, hundreds (yes hundreds) of other services are just in their infancy and will continue to pull services away from traditional computing and create completely new capabilities.

  • Machine Learning
  • Cognitive
  • Cloud ERP
  • High Scale Analytics
  • Pervasive PC Virtualization with No/Little user device apps

Next 4-5 years will see the next generation of cloud services with no stop in sight yet. As I indicated in the 2011 article, Microsoft missed the trend on phone, but that mistake was certainly not made with Cloud. Now the #1 cloud provider in the world. Buckle up tight, there is lots more to come.



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