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You are running out of pencils….

  Eventually you will run out of pencils and can’t give your users any more. Faber-Castell was one of the first to mass manufacture introduce this awesome productivity tool in the mid 1700’s. We have received more than 250 years … Continue reading

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Is Technology Making Us Dumber?

  In Lake Park Wisconsin last week a professional transport truck driver with almost 30 years accident-free experience behind the wheel drove his rig onto a pedestrian path, across two foot bridges and had to be lifted by crane back … Continue reading

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Human Resources – Misleading on the True Cost of Terminations?

When a manager approaches HR about terminating an employee (I’ve done this myself more than once) there is a discussion about cost impact charged to your labor budget.  In most companies the calculation is something like this for a 10 … Continue reading

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Why I am voting Conservative instead of the other 20 options

(My apologies in advance for my consulting excellence blog readers for this side-bar post) Last election only 59% of registered Canadian electors bothered to vote. As a % of eligible voters the number is even smaller as many more are … Continue reading

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Nokia jumping to … Rescue ship Microsoft and Windows Phone – The Smartphone world shrinks to 3 players

Well if you’re going to get rescued from the sea, it might as well be by Paul Allen’s 126m mega-yacht Octopus. Yes to no surprise, after burning down the Nokia platform  as I discussed in my blog post  Fair Trade … Continue reading

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You know you’ve been a consultant for too long when…

1. You refer to your cousin’s new baby as a deliverable. 2. You no longer need a website to tell you the airline schedule and flight numbers. 3. You have enough little white ID badges that you can open any … Continue reading

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The Most Unusual Things Acquired on the Road.

I have had the opportunity in my career to travel extensively. More extensively than most and certainly more extensively than was healthy. (For details you can read my blog Up-in-the-air). One of the habits that is hard to break is … Continue reading

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