The Most Unusual Things Acquired on the Road.


I have had the opportunity in my career to travel extensively. More extensively than most and certainly more extensively than was healthy. (For details you can read my blog Up-in-the-air). One of the habits that is hard to break is the collecting of memento’s from the journey.

  • How can you work in Hawaii not bring back Kona Coffee and Macadamia nuts?
  • How can you work in Sante Fe, New Mexico and not acquire the worlds hottest Chili Peppers?
  • How can you work in Charlottetown, PEI and not bring back a lobster or two?
  • How can you work in Hong Kong and not acquire a Mahjong set?

or more recently a hand-carved Tipsy-Duck (above) from the Canadian Carver in Northern Ontario?

It’s hard. For the casual traveler, souvenirs are cute. For those of us who travel a great deal it sometimes becomes detritus. It is even difficult to use it in a social setting. “Hi, I’d like you to come over for dinner. I am serving Lobster with Red Hot Macadamia nuts for dinner and we can play Mahjong over Kona coffee later….” I have not had too many takers on this approach.

I have asked a few road warriors what the most unusual things they acquired on the road, some were amusing, others required treatment, others again were true collectibles but the very best ones were friendships that last a lifetime.

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