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You are running out of pencils….

  Eventually you will run out of pencils and can’t give your users any more. Faber-Castell was one of the first to mass manufacture introduce this awesome productivity tool in the mid 1700’s. We have received more than 250 years … Continue reading

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The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.- The PC

  Mark Twain responded with those words to an article published June 1, 1897, in the New York Herald indicating his imminent death. He lived another 13 years. Today there is a lot of press about the death of the … Continue reading

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Utility computing is only for Commodity IT services

  When you pull up to an intersection in your car and there are two self-serve gas stations, both have 87 octane regular fuel and one station is 10% less expensive than the other, which one do you buy fuel … Continue reading

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