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You are running out of pencils….

  Eventually you will run out of pencils and can’t give your users any more. Faber-Castell was one of the first to mass manufacture introduce this awesome productivity tool in the mid 1700’s. We have received more than 250 years … Continue reading

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CIO – How to Fix your IT Group

Think of your current portfolio of IT work as the Colorado River for a moment. Some projects are very close, others further upstream. Important “Operational” projects are at the surface as they are required to sustain current operations and other … Continue reading

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Does Your IT Vendor have their head in the clouds?

So why do clouds exist? The answer is that we always really wanted them but they are just now technically possible. Nobody ever thought that having as many servers as possible, geographically disbursed under people’s desks, unmanaged or mismanaged was … Continue reading

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Disposable Software – What happened to the idea?

In the early 1990’s end-user software development tools had become so sophisticated there was a rumor afoot that all software would soon become disposable. I am of course talking about tools like Access, Excel, Lotus Notes etc. that allowed a … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about the CLOUD in one short blog post…

Everyone is talking about the CLOUD but it is really not a cloud but CLOUDS. If you want to take an application from your datacenter and have someone else run it you need an IaaS Cloud. Infrastructure as a Service, … Continue reading

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