It’s not easy being Grey…


Kermit the frog made the line  “It’s not easy being green” famous. But it is even harder to be grey.  Grey removes the safety of absolutes, challenges us to be better at our chosen craft and challenges us to make better solutions.


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Perhaps the finest photographer the world has known is armenian-canadian YOUSUF KARSH. Karsh has created so-called “Black and White” photographs and portraits that are world famous. They are not world famous because they are black and white. They are world famous because Karsh could magically use infinite shades of gray to tell a compelling story in every picture. When your palette choices are all shades of grey, you innovate. Karsh with lighting, shades and expression, a consultant with ideas, interaction and influence.

No it’s not easy being grey. But the very best “grey” solutions will get their day in the gallery to be admired by all.

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