Are you in my new book?


So what do you get when you put 30 years of Global IT consulting experience and $3 Billion in projects into a guide for IT professionals and IT consultants? You get Infinite Shades of Grey – Advanced Consulting. Once destined to be a tome that would likely strain your bookshelf, I have trimmed the book down to “flight-size” and published it on Amazon. It is intended to help IT pro’s with good technical skills really excel in their consulting engagement or in their workplace. The book provides some real-life project stories, some of which many of you on my LinkedIn list have been a part of and may find entertaining. It also provides a Reader’s Digest version of the most critical consulting techniques, tips and skills that I have found to genuinely work; all proven out with real clients. Whether you are an IT Pro, Consultant or perhaps even someone who hires consultants; I believe you will find great value in Infinite Shades of Grey – Advanced Consulting. It is available in paperback or for download on Amazon to your Surface, iPad, PC, Android Gizmo, Mac or Kindle. All proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.


Kindle eBook

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