2 Responses to Why do we continue to consume technology when it’s past its “Best By:” date?

  1. Serkan Kesgin says:

    I agree with your point from a document management perspective where the main purpose is effective collaboration. However, when I think from a records management perspective, where the main purpose is legal compliance and there is little to none room for mistakes in classification of information, I feel quite hesitant about a machine driven approach. I certainly see the value of improving findability of information for e-Discovery purposes but when it comes to disposition of critical records by relying on machine generated metadata, I am not so confident. I think there is still room for metadata and manual classification of information in order to keep records management as a reliable practice.

    What’s your view and experience on application of automated content enrichment processes for records management purposes? Do you find a machine driven approach reliable enough to satisfy the specific needs of records management on accurate classification?

    • Ian says:

      I have seen only a handful of customers with overtly complex record classification schemes where automated classification would be problematic. Most classification processes are quite well defined and clear about the content in one category versus another. I expect the manual errors made in record classification would still greatly outnumber those of properly implemented automated classification, especially in organizations where record classification processes are done infrequently by a broad base of regular users.

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