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Consulting companies that “GET” the value message and those that don’t.

Bain a global management consulting company employs 5,000 people, generates $2B in consulting revenue each year and “gets” value. Their web page makes the audacious claim that Bain clients outperform the market by a 4 to 1 margin. Do you … Continue reading

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Finding that last bit of extra energy to get the job done

I am sure that most of us remember University all-nighters before the major exams, pushing ourselves well beyond normally available energy limits to make sure that we did our best. We tapped into an invisible pool of reserve energy and … Continue reading

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“Blackbox” Flight Recorder for IT Projects

“Heathrow approach, this is Charlie Delta Bravo Foxtrot on final. Advising you of a major architectural change in-flight.” It was the last words recorded on the IT Project “Blackbox” recorder before the project slammed into the ground at 200 MPH. … Continue reading

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