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CEO: Why you should worry more about XP than you did about Y2K

The Year 2000 came and went without all the horrific events speculated by the prognosticators of doom. Why was that? … It was because; we understood the problem (99-98=1 and 00-99=-99), we knew how to fix it, invested billions of … Continue reading

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The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.- The PC

  Mark Twain responded with those words to an article published June 1, 1897, in the New York Herald indicating his imminent death. He lived another 13 years. Today there is a lot of press about the death of the … Continue reading

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How today’s technology will help you with your ageing parents

Most of us will see or have seen our parents age. Ageing cannot be prevented; slowed perhaps, but not radically so. When our parents age they will experience some or all of the following symptoms: Strength, energy and speed of … Continue reading

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Utility computing is only for Commodity IT services

  When you pull up to an intersection in your car and there are two self-serve gas stations, both have 87 octane regular fuel and one station is 10% less expensive than the other, which one do you buy fuel … Continue reading

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Ambient Social Networks will change everything… EVERYTHING

ASN’s are in their infancy today,  but when they mature they will have wholesale impacts on both consumers and the businesses that serve the consumer. Let’s talk about what an Ambient Social Network is and what it isn’t. In its … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Critics – The assumption that all things worthwhile are trivial.

If you are a golfer you may have experienced the swing change. Your game gets to a certain point and then you just don’t get any better after that. So you see a golf pro. They analyze your swing and … Continue reading

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